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hi all and welcome too my site 

this is were im going too TRY AND!! make a game (MMOFPS) 


there will be


zombies                                                                       ( Multiplayer / Single P )

3 different factions (good bad and evil lol )                          ( Multiplayer / Single P )

inventory system                                                            ( Multiplayer / Single P )

crafting system                                                              ( Multiplayer / Single P )

battling system                                                              ( Multiplayer / Single P )

pvp vrs factions                                                             ( Multiplayer / Single P )

placing objects (like building structures )a base for clan)        ( Multiplayer Only )

changing height map (make hills or trentches)                     ( Multiplayer Only )

changing the terrian material from grass and sand                ( Multiplayer Only )


more too come......



there will be zombies and they will drop items and you will get xp and lvl your character up 

hopefuly there will be ranks for your character as well 


placing objects (like building structures like walls , ground , roofs , windows and doors








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